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If you have a sewer back up, please contact the Authority Office, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at (724) 930-7667.

If your back up is in the evening or weekend, please call 911. Rostraver Township Police Department will contact the RTSA emergency response contact directly.

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Please note, the Rostraver Township Sewage Authority can NOT accept any fats, oils and grease into the sanitary sewer system. These compounds clog main lines and your private lateral, coat our wet wells and equipment and emit foul odors through the entire system. Please do NOT DUMP oil down the drain.

DISPOSABLE versus FLUSHABLE Disposable does NOT always mean flushable. Newly marketed pre-moistened paper and cloth like disposable towels are NOT flushable and clog the pumps. They are hazardous to RTSA equipment and private laterals and may be cause for expensive repairs.

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