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Explanation of Billing Statement
Each RED number on the sample billing statement has a corresponding explanation below...
1. Billing Address - The name and address responsible for receiving and paying the bill.
2. Service Address - The address of which Rostraver Sewage Authority provides the service.
3. Water Company Account Number - Rostraver Sewage Authority bills customers based on water consumption. We receive information from your water company in order to correctly bill. We display the water company account number on your bill so that you can verify we are billing you on the correct water company account.
4. Billing Summary - The billing summary is made up of 5 components; Account Number, Previous Balance, Current Billing, Total Due by Date, Total Due with late Fees. The following is a breakdown of each component.
Account Number Uniquely identifies you as a customer in our billing system.
Previous Balance This amount is the balance from previous billing periods. If an amount is in this column then RTSA has not received payment by the time this bill was generated.
Current Billing This amount is what is owed as a result of newly generated charges from the current billing cycle.**Note, if a credit was applied to your account to zero out a previous balance, the previous balance amount will still show since the credit is applied during the current billing period.
Total Due by Date Payment is due on bills approximately 20 days of the billing date. If payment is received by RTSA by the due date listed on the bill, this amount is what you owe.
Total with Late Fees If payment is received after the due date, this is the amount you owe.
5. Billing Detail - The billing detail shows detail of billing items generated by the current billing cycle only. Items billed in previous billing periods that are still owed will not be reflected in this section. The following is a breakdown of this section.
Row RTSA Bills will show up to 10 of your most current billing items, the row simply assigns a number to those items.
Service Dates Billing occurs in monthly cycles. Only activity is billed if that activity falls within the service dates. This sample bill shows service ending 8/31/2009. This means the detail you are seeing are items generated because of activity between 8/1/2009 - 8/31/2009. Any activity before or after those dates will not be show in this detail, but may be part of other columns' total.
Billing Type Description of the type of billing activity. There are several different kinds of activity you can be billed as follows:
Minimum BillMonthly charge for sewer service.
CreditA negative charge applied to the account. Specific reasons for these credits will be listed in the "Detailed Description" column.
DebitA positive charge applied to the account. Specific reasons for these credits will be listed in the "Detailed Description" column.
ConsumptionA charge for going over the maximum allowed water usage. This charge is per 1000 gallons over that allowed amount.
Deduct Meter Yearly FeeCustomers with deduct meters receive a yearly charge.
Deduct Meter Read FeeA charge to have RTSA staff read the deduct meter. Deduct meters are read with your water company read cycle.
PenaltiesFees applied to the account for delinquent or absence of payment.
Bill OverpaymentRTSA's billing system applies a credit to future billings when a previous payment was made that was more the owed balance. This bill type is that credit and is applied to the next bill cycle.
Usage If the bill type is "Consumption", this will show the number of gallons that consumption charge was billed.
Detailed Description A long description of credit and debit bill types.
Amount The amount of that detail line item. Negative amounts are listed in parenthesis "()".
6. Return Stub - Return this portion with payment.
7. Back of Invoice - Back of invoice showing additional information.
8. Letter Sample - Sample of letter that may be attached with invoice.
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