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Assist. Sec./TrsrGary Dilmore
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Right To Know - Open Records Law
Rostraver Sewage Authority's Right to Know Policy:
In order to make a request pursuant to the Open Records Act, please print, complete, mail or deliver the form included in the above policy. In the alternative, a request may also be made by completing the online form, below.

Online Request for Public Record Form

This request is to: Access copies of records
Procure copies of records
Access to the documents and a copy of those documents
Note: A request to access records does not include a right to remove a record from the control or supervision of the Open Records Officer.
*Information Requested:
All records requested must be identified and/or described with sufficient specificity so that we may ascertain whether we have these documents and how to locate them. (Note: Each record request must be specific to one record. Multiple record requests are permitted but must be on separate forms.)
Medium in which the record is requested
Photocopy or electronic scan/print Electronic e-mail
Fees apply Please see Schedule A from Policy
 I certify that I am a resident of the United States of America.
 *I have read the above Open Records Policy and agree to the terms of that policy.
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